Cradley Links - Old and New

Homage to the Old

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The original Cradley Links web site was launched in 2001 and went from strength to strength until a fateful day in February 2005, when it went off the air. The site was widely recognised for the quality of its content and also for its easy navigation. It was described as "fabulous" by GENUKI (the UK & Ireland Genealogy web portal site) and "extremely well-designed" by Family History Monthly magazine.

For 3½ years Cradley Links enjoyed a pre-eminent position amongst local history web sites and, more importantly, acted as a focal point for thousands of people around the world - and in Cradley itself - a place where they could access and contribute information about their local and family history. It is a hard act to follow.

A Dedicated Web Site

Collage: collage of local images from the home page of the original Cradley Links web site. [Image by Cradley Links]

We aim to make this new Cradley Links web site, at a new address, the best place to find out about and contribute to what we know of Cradley town and its people.

In launching this new site we will not attempt to duplicate or even emulate the old Cradley Links. We are sure there is plenty more to be discovered and recorded about Cradley and its people.

Some of the team bringing this site to you are the same as before but we hope that the new Cradley Links will develop new content and a different character of its own. If this new web site does half as well as its predecessor we will be well pleased. We encourage you to look at both web sites and we hope that you find what you are looking for.

Please Contribute

Following in the footsteps of our predecessor, we invite you to contribute to these pages. Write up your favourite Cradley family history story, or tell us about a bit of Cradley that has gone, or your childhood in Cradley. We make the same promise as before: fame and fortune will be yours. Well, perhaps not, but your contribution will be part of your legacy. For guidance about how to contribute, please take a look at what "old" Cradley Links had to say on this subject and contact us.

Back Again!

The original Cradley Links site is now back online, well, most of it. It is at its old address:, "frozen" at the date it ended, but as relevant and "fabulous" as ever.

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