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Cradley has a long and rich history and is fortunate also in being well endowed with local historians who have recorded and interpreted it, in word, song, drawings and paintings, and more recently, in film.

All the books and other media listed below are available by post. Please e-mail Jill Guest for details of postal charges and for overseas postage if available. We can arrange for PayPal to be used for overseas purchasers.

NEW BOOKS (December 2014)

Title Author Price £

A Black Country Miscellany, Aspects of West Midlands History

Andrew Homer

7.99 + postage/packing

Some of Cradley's Finest, World War One, The Men Named on the Cradley War Memorial and some that aren't
[Published by Cradley Then & Now]

Terry Evans

Historical Sketch of High Town Ragged School (New Edition)
[All profits to Ragged School]
Isaac Meachem Jnr. 5.00

The Lost 29, Remembering the soldiers of the Great War buried and commmemorated in the Lye & Wollescote Cemetery
[Published by West Midlands Historic Trust]

Jean Weston and Marlene Price


Lye and Wollescote Cemetery and Chapels
[Published by West Midlands Historic Trust]
Jean Weston and Marlene Price 8.00
Cradley Celebrates the Coronation 1953
What we did in 1953, including Morris Dancing and a ladies' and gents' knobbly knees competition! Margaret's latest book is packed with information: names, dates, places, documents and photographs.
Researched and compiled by Margaret Bradley 5.00
Cradley Then and Now, A book by Cradley folk, for Cradley folk 5.00
Cradley Poems and Dialect Words. This collection of 27 poems are all about Cradley and mostly by Cradley folk. They will amuse and inform you, and perhaps inspire or sadden you. The Dialect Words section is a reprint from an old Cradley Then & Now book now out of print. This is how we spake. Cradley Then & Now 4.00
Cradley Heritage Trail - A guide to a walk around 70+ historic Cradley locations. You can download the Trail for free from this web site, but its so much easier to carry a small book around with you! Cradley Then & Now Heritage Project 4.00

Cradley Heritage Films (DVD) (July 2011)

Title Publisher Price £
The Cradley Then & Now 3xDVD set of 54 heritage films (around 6 hours in all) is broadly divided into: Cradley History & People, Work & Play and War & Peace.

Aspects of the community's unique character, what its people have experienced at work and play, as well as their exploits during the years of war, are explored.

Featuring: Stories that reflect life in Cradley and the Black Country over the centuries - written, narrated and presented by local people with works by local artists and musicians.
Cradley Then & Now Heritage Project The 3xDVD set:

UK £20.00 (FREE Postage and Packing) or £7.00 each

Worldwide £24.99 (+ £5.00 Postage and Packing)
Halesowen and Cradley (2 DVDs)

VOLUME 1 Halesowen: Original film of Halesowen recorded in 1965. Reproduced with music from local artists. A fascinating insight into life in old Halesowen. Highlights include: Leasowes Park; Golf Club; Halesowen Railway Station, Pannier (No.3607); Stewarts & Lloyds; Town Centre development; College, Grammar & Technical Schools; Walter Somers; James Grove & Sons; Halesowen Cricket & Town Football, and much more.

Beech Tree Colliery: Former miners and surface workers speak about the pit and its closure. Chainmaking: Women who made chain, chain strikers & chain makers; Small chain to the Titanic chain and anchor. Flint Fields of Oldnall: Mesolithic flints on Oldnall fields; Romano British pottery.

VOLUME 2 Vanishing Britain: Hand Made Chain: Original short black and white film recorded in 1961 with chainmaker Will Bloomer at the chain works of Jones & Lloyd.

Brick: A Forgotten Industry: Local people talk about the importance of brick making to the development of industry.

Gardeners: Growing fruit, flowers vegetables, shrubs and trees is something that many people enjoy.

Cub Scouts & Brownies: The Black Country has a long association with the scout and guide movements since their foundation.

Pigs: This is a short account of how pigs were fed on left-over scraps and later slaughtered for the table.
h-arts Each Volume (DVD):

UK £12.99 (+ £1.50 Postage and Packing)

Worldwide £12.99 (+ £5.00 Postage and Packing)
Cradley Heath DVD h-arts £12.99


Title Author Price £
The Cradley Heath Women Chain-makers' Strike of 1910 Margaret Bradley 4.70
History of Cradley, Cradley Mills on the Stour, A study of the development of Cradley water mills from agricultural to industrial to extinction. Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 8.00

Chain-Makers, Chapels & Pubs - George Head and his Family in Cradley.

The story of a man who left Billingsley in Shropshire, and walked most of the way to Cradley, for work, and of the Halesowen woman he married, the family they had, and the lives they lived. Its all here - what they made, where they prayed, and where they drank ... the pubs, of which Cradley had more than most places, per head of the population.

Peter Head 8.00
Cradley Looking Back (this is Peter's 3rd book, the first two are now out of print and thus unavailable) Peter Barnsley 3.00 (reduced price)
Fragments from the History of Cradley, 22 Essays Norman Bird 5.00
Victory in Europe, Cradley in 1945 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 4.30
History of Cradley Chapels Part 1 1700-1800 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 3.30
History of Cradley Chapels Part 2 1800-1900 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 6.00
History of Cradley Chapels Part 3 1900-2000 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 6.00
History of Cradley, Cradley Baptist Trust Deeds 1778-1863, A study and transcript of property deeds relating to Cradley Baptist Church Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 3.50
History of Cradley, 1782 Survey, A Study of Cradley and the Enclosure Book Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 3.75
History of Cradley, Wills and Inventories, A Study of Life in Cradley in the 16th & 17th Centuries Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 9.75
History of Cradley, Court Rolls Part 1 1519-1558 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 7.80
History of Cradley, Court Rolls Part 2 1565-1596 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 7.00
History of Cradley, Court Rolls Part 3 1609-1644 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 13.50
History of Cradley, Tithe Maps & Schedules, A study and transcription of Cradley Tithe Map & Apportionment 1843 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 5.60
A Mirror to the Flock, A Transcription of the Notebooks of Rev. James Hesselgrave Thompson, Notebook One - 1857 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 6.00
A Mirror to the Flock, A Transcription of the Notebooks of Rev. James Hesselgrave Thompson, Notebook Two - 1863 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt 4.00
A Mirror to the Flock - both the above Notebooks purchased together 9.00
The History of Corngreaves Hall Margaret Bradley 5.00
Oldnall from prehistoric times to present Margaret Bradley 5.00
From Lye 'to Parts beyond the Seas' Don Cochrane 5.00
Brickyards of the Black Country: A forgotten industry - OUT OF PRINT - BUT PLEASE ASK John Cooksey
Graingers Lane Memories (Cradley Heath) Samuel Woodhouse 3.00
High Town Ragged School, A Historical Sketch Isaac Meachem Jn. Transcribed from an original copy by Barry Willetts 3.00
History of Park Lane Chapel, Netherend and Diary of the War Years 1939-45 at Netherend Chapel Rev. A.J. Heale. Transcribed from original documents by Jill Guest 6.00
Cradley, A History (gold cover) Cliff Willetts 3.50
When I Was a Boy (Books I, II and III combined) - Cliff's memories of Cradley and Two Gates around 1900 Cliff Willetts 3.00
Two Gates Ragged School, Through the Years, 1867 to 2003 Barry Willetts 5.00
2 Years before Demob Barry Willetts 2.00
Cradley Then & Now Mugs (with 3 old views of Cradley) 5.00

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